I started falconry after moving to Vancouver Island from Terrace, BC in 2003. I volunteered at Pacific Northwest Raptors, then worked with them to provide falconry displays for three summers while I completed my BSc. During my final year, I decided to get my own bird for hunting. After three months of unsuccessful trapping attempts, another falconer loaned me a female Harris hawk for the season. Harriet the Harris taught me a lot about hunting, and together we managed to find and bag 19 rabbits, and 3 squirrels. After two years of being a "hawkless falconer" due to housing and work constraints, I bought myself a male harris in the fall of 2009. With a distinct lack of rabbits, I turned to carhawking and we had a very successful season on crows. In the summer of 2011 I moved to northern BC and had to give up flying this gutsy little bird who in his second year, had taken a few rabbits, ducks and a lesser canada goose in addition to his usual crows. In the future I hope to try a variety of birds - the top of my list includes a passage goshawk, red-tail, and kestrel - all depending on where I live and the quarry available.

     I tried my hand at hoodmaking the first year I was involved in falconry. Since then my hoods have and continue to evolve as I am continually adapting my techniques and trying new things. When I am not flying my bird or running my dog, I am usually making a hood or trying some new braiding. I have received tips and help from many more accomplished hoodmakers over the years and without their encouragment and critisisms I would not be where I am today. Their work continues to inspire me to improve my work.


Thanks for visiting, and happy hawking!


Emily Fisher

Proud Member of the NAFEX.net falconry forum